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Child Dies from A Blood Clot


A nine year old little boy was playing baseball one evening when he began to complain about a pain in his leg. It was as easy as that because the very next day he was gone.

Antonio Brooks died after a blood clot in his leg broke free and made a home in his lungs. There’s a chance that if his grandmother had taken him to the doctor immediately after he expressed his pain that he could still be alive. But many people don’t associate leg pain with blood clots. It wasn’t the first time that Antonio experienced leg pain, but after a few trips to the doctor she attributed it to growing pains. That was what she thought that night he complained of leg pain. He wanted to go to a school party so she allowed him to. She went to work and checked in on him periodically. He mentioned how his leg was feeling much better. One time that she checked in he didn’t answer the phone and she rushed home.

She found him lying in bed unable to breath. Medics tried to revive him with no luck. She was there when he took his last breath.

Many people also don’t understand how a healthy child can die of a blood clot. Blood clots in children are definitely rare, only one child in 100,000 get blood clots and only a small percentage die from them.

Experts insist that every time your child experiences leg pain you should consider the fact that it could be a blood clot forming. Leg pain could also come with swelling or redness in the area that experiences pain.

For the children that do get blood clots there is usually a contributing factor to it. The causes could include chronic health problems such as cancer or heart disease. It’s rare for a healthy child to get blood clots, but one that has an inheritable condition that could increase the risk.

Antonio’s grandmother saw a healthy athlete and it can be understandable to see her shock. The boy had spent most of his life playing sports.

Davaline Perry experienced the same thing when she took her son into the emergency room after he complained of a headache. The boy was diagnosed with blood clots that had formed on the right side of his head. It took months of treatment but he is now back on the baseball field.

Morgan Epstein, a 17 year old had a gene mutation that increased her chances of getting a blood clot. Once she was put on birth control the combination of the two put her in real danger.

She woke up with swelling in her left leg that ran all the way up to her navel. She was diagnosed with blood clots and underwent treatment for a few months.

Although it is rare for a child to get a blood clot it’s important to recognize the symptoms of one.